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Conversations with Revisiting Tarab musicians: Roberto Rodriguez - 1 comment

Revisiting Tarab: Taking inspiration from Kamal Kassar’s renowned collection of classical Arabic music

“I cannot imagine appreciating music without sharing it. This is how I deal with my music addiction: collecting, copying and distributing my discoveries to people. Now that I manage the biggest collection of Middle Eastern Arabic music in the world, where I listen to great singers daily such as Youssef al-Manialawi, Abdel Hay Hilmi, Asma al-Kumsariya, Sami al Shawa and many others; my aim is to share it with the largest audience I can reach, through CD production and web radio. The web radio is the best way to reach music lovers everywhere and AMAR will co-produce this project with Sharjah Art Foundation. Our two foundations share many cultural values that would be translated into many long term projects.” - Kamal Kassar

Conversations with Artists: Tarek Al-Ghoussein

Tarek Al-Ghoussein’s work explores themes concerned with longing, belonging and how land, barriers and identity shape and define each other.