Hassan Khan and Maxim Gvinjia in conversation during The Anembassy is Open at March Meeting 2015
Photo by Jamal Shanavas

Conversation Image


Abkhazia is something of a paradox: a country that exists, in the physical sense of the word (a territory with borders, a government, a flag and a language), yet it has no legal existence, because for almost twenty years it was not recognised by any other nation state. And so Abkhazia exists without existing, caught in a liminal space, a space in between realities. Maxim Gvinjia, former Foreign Minister of the Republic of Abkhazia, and currently its Anambassador in the UAE, will meet with SB12 artist Hassan Khan, for a public conversation held in The Anembassy of Abkhazia within Sharjah Biennial 12.

Video of The Anembassy is Open