March Meeting 2014 - Come Together

March Meeting 2014 examines several pertinent issues in contemporary culture, addressing institutional formation, exhibitions, and artistic production as well as consideration of how to develop education and research initiatives. The meeting is also a point of departure for Sharjah Biennial 12, incorporating commissioned artists to shape a context for their as yet unimagined projects. In addition to presentations, MM 2014 will feature case studies, collective research and evaluation sessions, and moderated, informal discussions at the end of each day, to promote the active participation of all in attendance.

Following the goals of March Meeting 2014, this year’s open call seeks active correspondents for the March Meeting. Sharjah Art Foundation will support 5 – 8 artists, writers, and curators with research goals and interest in the region to attend all days of the March Meeting as a correspondent, each grantee will in turn be expected to contribute an essay, blog post, diaristic record, or alternative response to MM 2014.

We invite applicants to submit a completed application, outlining their research, goals, and nature of the contribution they wish to carry out in response to March Meeting 2014. Please submit the application to by 5 January 2014.

Correspondents Blog Posts

A vital part of March Meeting 2014 (MM 2014) was an experiment with Sharjah Art Foundation’s annual open call for presenters that supported the presence of cultural producers at MM 2014 in the roles of respondent, participant and witness. The correspondents reflect upon their experience in Sharjah in many forms including writing, photography, video and digital media, focusing on MM 2014 sessions, informal conversations between colleagues, visits to the spring exhibitions at SAF spaces and walks around the city. As with the organised panels, discussions, screenings and shared research sessions of MM 2014, the correspondents contributed deeply to the fabric of Sharjah Biennial 12 in their thoughtful presences and responses. Look for weekly correspondent posts on SAF’s blog through early June.