March Meeting 2016:

Education, Engagement and Participation

March Meeting 2016 (MM 2016) will consider how institutions, initiatives, curators and artists have increasingly prioritised their relationships with audiences and communities through current thinking around ideas of education, engagement and participation. Rather than presume these terms have prescribed meanings or operate according to rehearsed protocols and practices, MM 2016 emerges from a number of basic questions that attempt to break from routine and examine other points of departure.

How does the capacity for engagement change across different institutional scales, for example, from emergent art spaces to established museums or from itinerant initiatives to biennial exhibitions? How can we think about the ways in which various durations, intensities, rhythms and other measures of time shape the potentials and limits of such work at the levels of artistic, curatorial and institutional practices? How might a shift in terms of engagement from the formation of individual projects and institutions toward a larger sphere of an art scene or ecology introduce new paradigms for practice? And how have institutional and infrastructural needs, regionally and internationally, evolved since the first March Meeting in 2008?

Now in its ninth year, March Meeting is Sharjah Art Foundation’s annual gathering of artists, art professionals and institutions concerned with art practice and production in the region and internationally.