Dimi Mint Abba (1958-2011)

Photo by Jana Saleh

It is with great sadness that Sharjah Art Foundation learns of Dimi Mint Abba’s recent death on June 4th in hospital in Casablanca, Morocco. We would like to remember with a great sense of privilege her recent performance here for Sharjah Biennial 10. On the evening of March 19th at Bait Al Shamsi, she took to the stage with her ardin, a guitar player, a percussionist and a backing vocalist and performed together with pianist Amino Belyamani as part of the 'Score for a Biennial' programme.

Dimi Mint Abba became without doubt the most important Mauritian musician of her generation and soon captured the hearts of many across the world with her unique performances and peerless voice. Born into a family of renowned musicians on December 25th 1958, Mint Abba began singing and playing at the age of 7 and later represented her country at numerous music festivals in Iraq, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. She would record her first album, Moorish Music from Mauritania, in 1990, performing with her husband Khalifa Oud Eide and daughter Fairuz.

Follow the links to our archive to watch Dimi Mint Abba’s performances, read a report from the rehearsal here in Sharjah and a conversation with Amino Belyamani about what it meant to work with a singer of such unique talent.