Blessings Upon the Land of my Love

Imran Qureshi

Biennial, Commissions & Productions

Blessings Upon the Land of My Love, 2011, acrylic and emulsion paint on interlocking brick pavement, site-specific installation, commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation, Installation view, photo by Alfredo Rubio

Project Description

Red organic forms highlighted with strokes of white paint gently swarm across the courtyard of Beit Al Serkal. Imran Qureshi applies his training in miniature painting to this large-scale installation, made in response to the architecture. The painting process begins with a gestural, perhaps violent application of paint, the traces of which are quietly visible in their more contained and edited final form. The energetic floral forms emerge from pools and splashes of blood-like layers of paint. Occupying a space somewhere between life and death their quiet presence evidences their own transmutation from one state to another.


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