Artwork Details

  • Artist Shahzia Sikander
  • Title Parallax
  • Date 2013
  • Medium Ink, gouache and graphite on paper
  • Dimensions 20 X 24 cm
Parallax Image


This work is part of a group of drawings that functions as a liaison between the conception of an idea and the chase to its fruition. The use of text and the play of words imply a narrative while keeping the interpretation open-ended. Translation as a concept becomes prevalent. Is original a construct? What is the distance between the original and its translation and at what point does the translation become an original.



Sikander, Shahzia

Shahzia Sikander’s practice creates an interpretive and critical dialogue with the history and provenance of Indo-Persian miniature painting.



Focusing on Sharjah’s location on the Strait of Hormuz, and the area’s historical power tensions, this animated video explores ideas of control and conflict.