Clams Casino (2018)
Director: Pam Nasr
United States
Narrative ǀ 11 minutes

Clams Casino interweaves the lives of four Latina women. Arcelia is desperate to connect with Gladys, her self-involved mother and a harsh critic, and Rocío battles with Lourdes, her secretive teenage daughter. Both daughters use technology to fill the void, but will they find a way to genuinely connect?

The film won Best Short Film at the LA Femme Film Festival (2018); Best 1st Time Director, Oniros Film Awards, Saint-Vincent, Italy (2018); and first prize in the Best in Show category at the SVA Short Film Festival, New York (2018). The film was also screened at the New Orleans Film Festival (2018).

This film was a part of the first edition of Sharjah Film Platform, January 2019.

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