Alma Chaouachi is an art historian whose research focuses on a post-colonial approach and discourse on art across the MENA region and the Islamic world. She also questions the sources and material conditions of contemporary practices.

She collaborates with visual artist Randa Maroufi on research and artistic reflection work. She was an assistant curator intern at Le musée du Louvre in the Islamic arts department (2020–2021) and art historian assistant to Ridha Moumni (2020–2021).

Chaouachi contributes articles for web pages and magazines on Islamic art and Arab culture, and writes exhibition texts.

Chaouachi has a BA in Art History from La Sorbonne, Paris, where she also received her master’s degree in Islamic Arts. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Museums and New Media at La Sorbonne.

Born in 1997 in France, Chaouachi currently lives and works in Paris.

SAF Participation:
Sharjah Film Platform 4 (2021)

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Chaouachi, Alma

SFP4 Talks and Workshops

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Chaouachi, Alma

Sharjah Film Platform 4

Sharjah Film Platform is an annual festival organised by Sharjah Art Foundation to support the growing film scene in the UAE by celebrating and sustaining the work of local, regional and international filmmakers.

A limited number of Festival Passes and tickets to individual screenings are now available for purchase online. To book your SFP4 Festival Pass or tickets, click here.