Life Buoy No. 1, 2012

Zhang Hui
Life Buoy No. 1, 2012
Acrylic on canvas
196.5 x 276.5 cm
Installation view
Courtesy of Long March Space


The language of painting gives Zhang Hui the freedom and creative power to explore the world with sensitivity as he searches for the space where reality and the subconscious, the normal and the abnormal interact. Zhang Hui's paintings make reference to theatricality. Looking to the Left – Window (2009) portrays the colours of a sunrise reflected in the windows of a building’s facade; Looking to the Right – Second Renovation (2009) is a meticulously re-created apartment floor plan.

Zhang’s work has been featured in the Shanghai Biennale, China (2004, 2010); and the Guangzhou Triennial, China (2008) and the Taipei Museum of Art, Taiwan (2005).

This person was part of Sharjah Biennial 11


Hui, Zhang

Life Buoy No. 1

This painting is from the series Groundless, 2011―2012, in which buoys, ears and shoes float above a dark mauve or black background.

Hui, Zhang

Happy New Year

As part of Zhang’s considerations on paint, the colour black has become an important presence in his work.