Nadia Kaabi Linke is concerned with notions of memory and the ways in which geography and politics inform and circumscribe identity. For the 9th Sharjah Biennial she created Under Standing Over Views (2009), a site-specific work using paint fragments collected from cities around the world and then recomposed in Sharjah as a map of the UAE. The fragments were suspended on silk threads from the ceiling and required viewers to negotiate the space beneath to gain what could only ever be a partial understanding of the geographic truth.

In 2010, Kaabi Linke received first prize for the joint art and urban architecture competition, Rebuilding of the Square- Platz der Stadt Hof Neukölln, Berlin, Germany. She has been represented in solo and group presentations including DARB 1718, Cairo (2010), the Alexandria Biennial where she was awarded a prize (2009), the Sharjah Biennial (2009), Green Cardamon, London (2009), and the Biennial of Pontevedra, Spain (2009).

Nadia Kaabi Linke studied at the University of Fine Arts in Tunis (1999) before receiving a PhD in Sciences of Art from the Sorbonne University in Paris (2008). She was born in Tunis in 1978 and currently lives and works between Tunis and Berlin.

October 2010

Quote from artist statement for Sharjah Biennial 9 catalogue, Provisions 1, 2009

This person was part of Sharjah Biennial 9