Architects Maki Onishi and Yuki Hyakuda engage in a wide variety of activities centred on architectural design, including installations and community-building projects. Together they founded onishimaki+hyakudayuki architects / o+h (2008).

Both Onishi and Hyakuda are currently visiting professors at Yokohama National University (2017–present), where Onishi previously worked as a design assistant (2011–2013). Hyakuda was employed earlier at Toyo Ito & Associates (2009–2014).

Among their architectural and art projects are the Shoumyou-ji temple bell hut, Hiroshima (2019); House in Setagaya, Tokyo (2019); Taga Central Town Hall, Shiga, Japan (2019); House H, Tokyo (2018); Good Job! Center KASHIBA, Nara, Japan (2016); Hand Tower House, Tokyo (2015); Satoumi petrol station, Miyagi, Japan (2013); Home-for-All, Higashi-Matsushima, Miyagi (2013); Exhibition design for Takashi Homma: Seeing Itself, Tokyo (2011); Double-Helix House, Tokyo (2011); Cave in a Dream, installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (2009–2010); Ground Folly, Fukuoka, Japan (2009); Kemono installation, Tokyo (2008); and weekend house in Sengataki, Japan (2006).

Onishi and Hyakuda have received several awards, including the Young Architect Award, Architectural Institute of Japan (2019); Grand Prix, Architectural Design Association of Nippon (ADAN) (2018); Swiss Architecture Award (2017–2018); Good Design Award, Good Design Best 100 (2017); Shinkenchiku Award (2012); Asakura Award (2012); Grant Prix, SUS Aluminium Award for architects under 30 (2010); Kashima Award (2007); and JT Smokers’ Style Competition (2006).

Onishi and Hyakuda both graduated from Kyoto University, Japan (2006). Onishi received a master’s degree from the University of Tokyo (2008), and Hyakuda received a master’s degree from the University of Kyoto (2008). Onishi was born in 1983 in Aichi and Hyakuda in 1982 in Hyogo. They both live and work in Tokyo.

SAF participation:
Sharjapan 3 – Remain Calm: Tranquility, Solitude and Connectivity in Japanese Architecture (2020)

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