Alper Turan is co-founder and curator of Das Art Project, a curatorial collective that aims to work outside ‘white cube’ gallery spaces. He uses thematically-specific buildings, often with historical significance, to realise mostly ephemeral exhibitions with younger generation artists.

As part of Das Art Project, he curated the exhibition project Genetically Modified, which was part of BAHAR, the off-site exhibition in Istanbul curated by Zeynep Öz for Sharjah Biennial 13: Tamawuj (2017). He is also a teaching assistant at Sabancı University, Istanbul. His research topics vary from Human Immunodeficiency Virus and its representations in art, to museum and exhibition politics.

Turan earned a Bachelor of Linguistics and Comparative Literatures, University of Galatasaray, İstanbul (2017) and is currently pursuing a Master in Cultural Studies, University of Sabancı, İstanbul.

Born in 1993 in Ankara, Turan lives and works in Istanbul.

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