Fabian Villegas is a spoken word artist, writer, journalist and researcher in South epistemologies, decolonial thought and racial studies. His work addresses geopolitics, intersectionality, epistemologies of communication and testimonial literature.

He is co-founder of Contranarrativas, a horizontal and collaborative project of knowledge production, cultural management and free communication committed to the visibility, dissemination and production of epistemologies, narratives and decolonial and peripheral aesthetics of the Global South. He also founded Aula Pública, a pedagogical space that seeks to decentralise the production of knowledge through seminars, workshops, lectures and web seminars on Global South studies, racism and decolonial perspectives. The organisation has worked with nearly 240 participants from 41 countries in America, Europe and Africa. He is additionally the co-founder of the global management and cultural production collective Quilomboarte, a creative laboratory of artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers and activists who articulate different cultural practices on decolonial and racialised epistemologies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

His published work includes Mascarada, corpo-políticas y lenguajes de madera (2015), En Blanco y Prieto, Geopolitical Itinerary of Decoloniality (2014) and Metaphors of Decoloniality (2012), and he co-wrote ImaRginación: Hip hop as an excess of the political (2007) with Bocafloja, a multidisciplinary artist, poet and international exponent of hip hop.

Born in 1985 in Mexico City, Villegas currently lives and works in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

SAF participation:
March Meeting 2019

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