Gravity + Others, 2002

Derek Ogbourne
Gravity + Others, 2002


DIARY: Gravity + Others Part 1 May 6, 2002, Gravity + Others has involved recreating thr "classic" moment or crisis, within the thriller film genre, as endlessly deferred 0 suspended, re-shot in the form of close up of a cliffhanger type falling sequence. Buildin around an obsessive and tight edit, the narrative involves those caught in a never endin vertigo, a filmic nightmare, not unlike the dream that repeats its never ending scenario, 0 trauma/physical and psychic threshold. Held, space of adversaries, splitting time/sharp cut intensely physical domination over the narrative; the mass in downward motion. Good and bad protagonists and natural obstacles are brackets and the means to contain this energy. The inescapable pull of gravity is ever present in a world where stasis is never attained except within the confine of fix/repetition/identity video - loop, each shot reassembles differences in style and material surface.

Gravity + Others Part 2 January 6, 2003, The border between the conscious and the unconscious, the moment of a cut from one state to another is central to the language of film montage indicated by the loss of bodily control/the cut/over the force of gravity/as the anxiety of imminent danger or death.

January 12, 2003, Falling dreams - the onset of (falling) sleep, giving in to sleep is sometimes an act of instinctive resistance to kick out - to anticipate falling, from the ground of consciousness. Subject as if in a dream world. The central passage of the video, of giving in is limbo, for here there are no spatial coordinates, but the mechanical operation (of film projection) in the real time/disposition/slippage through corridors. Dark of space, a slight presence of physical earth, origin of journey, disappearing from view/disavowal. Others to One (The three parts), Physical - Motor function, Physical- Motor function - Mental, Mental - Mental, Gravity + Others - evolution, without origin or destination, space of tension. Neither outside and inside, thrown repeatedly into an abyss. Desire. Hitchco montage/stereotype.

January 13, 2003, blurring, occupying position in space along edge of a borderline - protection

January 22, 2003, Prologue to film, Bow man, close ups of appaulling bow. Hand as beginning of Vertigo muscles tense, twitch and release arrow in direction to passage of film (horizon). References appear later in piece (The Archer'S Target?) - arrow. PL