Artwork Details

  • Artist Ayreen Anastas and Rene Jabri
  • Title What Everybody Knows
  • Date 2006
  • Medium Installation with 7 DVDs
  • Dimensions Variable
What Everybody Knows Image


In the spring of 2006, Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri travelled together through Palestine and Israel, searching, researching and witnessing ‘the situation’.

From material collected on these journeys, Anastas and Gabri created a series of videos that document their encounters with people struggling, resisting, surviving, living, and thinking through their everyday lives.

Some of those include a geographer, a professor, an activist, a former detainee, an architect, a Bedouin. Each video corresponds to one trip, a particular journey from the 16 days, relying on the material captured on that particular day, from different situations and places including: Jerusalem, Naqab, Hebron, Lydd , Bethlehem, Ramallah, Nablus, Shu'fat, and Bil'in.

What Everyone Knows is a play on what everyone seems to ignore. It is an attempt to really think about the question of Palestine and reformulate it through an experience that these individuals offer in each case. It unfolds in a series of questions that call for more questions. Together all 16 of these situations create a diagram or a map and may provoke thought and discussion about the social, psychological, and political dimensions of contemporary life for Palestinians both in occupied Palestine and in Israel.


What Everybody Knows

Anastas, Ayreen

Brooklyn-based Ayreen Anastas uses text, film, video, audio and the internet to create work that focuses on legal and discursive shifts around differing notions of security and the subsequent effects on everyday life.