Museume of Optography, 2012

Derek Ogbourne
Museume of Optography, 2012
Photo by Louie dela Torre


Join Dr. Hamden as he delves into the compelling themes underpinning London-based Artist Derek Ogbourne’s exhibition, the Museum of Optography. Ogbourne’s multifaceted installation blurs the line between fact and fiction, and grapples with subjects such as life and mortality, the surreal and the sublime, vision and landscape, and the intersections between art, history and science. A Psychologist by profession, Dr. Hamden will focus his talk on the psychology of visual perception, exploring the characteristics universally shared by all humans and the variations that result from subjective experiences.

Dr. Hamden is an engaging speaker, to watch a presentation given in 2011 click here:-


Derek Ogbourne’s Museum of Optography, The Purple Chamber

Ogbourne, Derek

Derek Ogbourne has developed a practice that makes visible the strengths and frailties of being human through his overlapping and sometimes contradictory ways of seeing the world.