The late Amal Kenawy, once a leading light in Egypt’s art scene, created work that explores political, social and feminist issues. Primarily using Egypt as a subject, she reflected on topics of death and regeneration through animation, painting, drawing as well as in sketches, journals and video works, installations, performance documentation and archival material.

Interested in the interplay between identity and illusion, Kenawy used metaphors to expose the world hiding beneath the physical realm. Presented in Unsettled Objects is a large-scale painting which emerged from her installation, You Will Be Killed (2006), a project that seeks to expose inner being and memory. The artwork was inspired by her visit to a military hospital built in Egypt in the early 1990s. Looking into the association of the hospital with the history of war and violence, Kenawy illustrates how expressions of violence expand far beyond war.

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Amal Kenawy: You Will Be Killed 2 (Mid-2000s)

Unsettled Objects

Sharjah Art Foundation presents Unsettled Objects, featuring new acquisitions and rarely seen works from the Foundation's Collection; the artists and works on display explore art history’s hidden stories.

Amal Kenawy: You Will Be Killed 2 (Mid-2000s)

Kenawy, Amal

Amal Kenawy’s work explores political, social and feminist issues, primarily in Egypt, and reflects on topics of death and regeneration.