Publication Details

The man who runs for the world
Artist book
36 pages, 16 visuals
24.5 x 22.5 cm
Published by Sharjah Art Foundation
ISBN 978-9948-776-53-6


This Arabic children’s book traces the journey of ultra-athlete Ahmet H. Uysal who ran seven marathons in seven days across seven continents. Conceived as a hybrid reading experience between the page and the Internet, the publication is an interactive retelling of and narrative about Uysal’s experience traversing the world. By downloading an app, audiences can follow up on the story in animation through augmented reality. The book thus brings together the worlds of publishing, art, media and technology as an experimental format for children’s education.

The book was originally published in Turkish by Süreyyya Evren and Halil Altindere, and it was also translated into English. This Arabic version was translated by Mehmet Hakkı Suçin.

The man who runs for the world

Altindere, Halil

In his critical and political approach, artist and filmmaker Halil Altındere explores political, social and cultural codes, focusing on depicting marginalisation and resistance to oppressive systems.