The Sea Is A Stereo, 2009

Mounira Al Solh
The Sea Is A Stereo, 2009
Installation, mixed media
Installation view
Photo by Alfredo Rubio


The Sea Is A Stereo is an ongoing series of reflections on a group of men who swim everyday at the beach in Beirut no matter the circumstances: rain, wind, war, etc. Even as we read this, the men might be swimming or preparing themselves to do so. The project is ongoing and consists of different elements: a number of videos, photographs, a lecture and other materials. Mounira El Solh considers these elements as different possibilities for making The Sea Is A Stereo, which seems to her as a never-ending work; like the men who will never stop swimming.

This project was part of Sharjah Biennial 9


The Sea Is A Stereo

Al Solh, Mounira

Conceptual artist Mounira Al Solh employs a humorous and playful approach in her work on gender issues, politics and the role of art in Arab society.